By 2014, the Internet will be the death of us all

Enjoy 2012 and 2013 while you can; a security firm says the Internet will soon put us all at risk of an untimely end

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"Over the last couple of years, device makers have finally started to pay attention to the security of medical systems," he says. "Having your pacemaker hacked makes for a good story, but climbing into a car and driving to the grocery store -- or even the heart condition the pacemaker is there to fix -- are greater risks to your health. I'd predict, however, that the No. 1 cause of Internet-related fatalities in 2014 will be health problems from being sedentary for hours on end while online."

IID's other big prediction for 2014: Even if the Internet doesn't kill you, it is likely to pick your pocket via insecure near-field communications (NFC) apps.

"The [number] of banking and point of sale e-commerce apps that are being developed utilizing NFC is astronomical," said IID Vice President of Threat Intelligence Paul Ferguson. "This is a gold mine for cybercriminals and we have already seen evidence that they are working to leverage these apps to siphon money."

The company also predicts more widespread attacks from government-generated malware, a successful hack attack on the power grid or other major infrastructure, and some attacker hijacking military drones.

Cheery folks, the crew at IID. And I bet you were worried about what awful things people were predicting for 2013. They don't seem so bad now, compared to being killed by the Internet.

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