Cool gadgets and hot tech that will shine at CES 2013

Here's an early look at some tech trends and hot products to watch for during the massive trade show

LG has announced an 84-inch 4K set that it will display at CES, and in late 2012 Sony announced its first 4K set -- another 84-incher with a hard drive preloaded with a few 4K movies. We're likely to witness big-screen 4K HDTV announcements from Sharp and Samsung at the show.

At those steep prices, most show attendees will limit themselves to window shopping when it comes to top-of-the-line televisions. However, the rise of 4K and OLED may make excellent plasmas, edge-lit LED sets, and even full-array LED HDTVs more affordable, too.

Sounding off

Thanks to their compatibility with computers, smartphones, and tablets, Bluetooth speakers continue to gain popularity despite their indifferent quality when compared to Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and direct-connect speakers. We expect to see many Bluetooth speakers at CES, and indeed some new models have appeared in advance of the show.

In home theater, look for more soundbars and fewer surround-sound A/V receivers to appear at CES. In addition, simple improvements to the built-in speakers on HDTVs seem to be gaining steam. Definitive Technology, GoldenEar Technology, and Philips have all received CES Innovation awards this year for soundbar-type home theater audio systems, and we've seen previews of similar products that will debut in Vegas.

Amber Bouman, Loyd Case, Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, Caitlin McGarry, Tim Moynihan, Ian Paul, Melissa Perenson, Armando Rodriguez, Jonathan Seff, and Leah Yamshon of the CES 2013 team contributed to this report.

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