Apple to Samsung: Sorry you're not as cool as we are

Apple's bogus apology to Samsung about its alleged copying of the iPad isn't cutting it with the British courts -- nor should it

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Apple has removed the statement from its U.K. site (you can still read a cached copy) and replaced it with ... nothing, so far at least. On the whole, though, the company is acting like a petulant school bully who has been forced by the principal to apologize to the kid he just beat up in front of the entire class: "I'm sorry you're such a wuss that I had to pummel you. I'm sorry I didn't hit you harder. I'm sorry that your mom gave birth to such a loser. I'm sorry I'm being forced to stand here and apologize to you when I have much more important things to worry about. I'm truly truly sorry."

Correct me if I'm wrong but, as far as I can tell, Apple has won on most of its design copyright claims in the United States, but lost in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Germany. The case in South Korea was more or less a tie, and the case in Australia has not been decided yet. The notion of design theft is hardly as clear cut as Apple would like us all to believe.

But more important: Can we just end this stupidity now? The whole of it? Right now?

Apple has created a market for tablets where many had tried and failed before, and for that we are grateful. Apple still dominates that space, due to both its marketing genius and the fact that it makes damned good products. It is doing just fine.

Kleenex makes pretty good tissues. Xerox makes fine photocopiers. But the world would be a poorer place if we could only buy copiers from one source or have only one option for blowing our noses. Giving Apple a de facto monopoly on rectangular glass slates with rounded corners isn't going to help anyone but Apple.

We're done with that phase of the tablet lifecycle. It's time to move on. And if what that takes is a sincere apology from Apple, then I'd like to hear it. Hey, the company has done it before.

If you were Apple, what would you apologize for? Post your mea culpas below or email me:

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