Smartphones, stupid people: Google's nexus of numbskulls

Following its grand copycat tradition, Google has now lost a smartphone prototype in a bar, long after Apple led the way

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All of that arm-twisting bought Google exactly two weeks' worth of nondisclosure; during the week of Oct. 8, details and photos of the new Nexus leaked out onto the Interwebs, which issued a collective meh and went back to generating memes about sneezing cats. Mind you, all this happened weeks before the Giants swept the World Series and San Francisco collectively went apes**t, rioting, burning buses, and acting like a city that actually cares about professional sports. (It doesn't, not really.)

What is it about smartphones and bars? Why do these things keep happening? Is it really that hard to remember to leave the damned thing at home when you're planning to get your drunk on? Hello?

My feeling is that Google should consider itself lucky. Heck, it's already gotten more publicity for the lost prototype than it would for the genuine article, at least from non-phandroid news outlets.

Still, I think the lesson for tech engineers is clear: If you must drink, do not test-drive.

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