7 outsourcing nightmares -- and how to avoid them

Poor communication, shortsighted contracts -- don't get derailed by an IT outsourcing agreement gone awry

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"We would have to start from scratch each time we experienced an issue," Demaree says. "Beyond the technical challenges, documents were irretrievably lost, creating significant rework, and our ability to service and respond to our clients was being interrupted."

DPR was spending too much time and money on an IT outsourcing model that was unreliable and even detrimental to the well-being of the business, he says. To avoid these issues, the firm moved to the cloud in mid-2011, enlisting cloud services provider Cetrom to handle its IT.

"Since we've moved to the cloud, we've had increased productivity, flexibility, and accessibility, and no downtime," Demaree says. "Our advice would be to do your research before looking into outsourcing your IT. Look at their track record, security, accessibility, and budgeting. Our current cloud provider has a history of zero downtime."

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