The continuing story of John McAfee as told by John McAfee

Not satisfied with others telling his tale, antivirus legend takes to Twitter and social media, sharing glimpses of life on the lam

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Hey, there's no greater thrill than eating raw lizard in the jungle with a guy who may or may not have shot his neighbor in the head but in either case appears to have had his ticket for the crazy train punched a long time ago. I'd be scared, too.

InfoWorld Security Adviser blogger Roger Grimes spent time with McAfee in the late 1980s. Most of their dealings had to do with their mutual passion for being antivirus geeks -- of both the computer and human variety. He writes:

The strangest part of knowing McAfee was the time he wanted me to help start an AIDS-free sex club. I still remember how excited he was about his new, brilliant idea. Membership required a fee and an AIDS test. If the test came back negative, you were given a membership card, which you could then take to organized member parties, have lots of casual sex, and not worry about catching the virus.

Grimes declined the offer, FYI.

That is just a tiny sliver of the long strange trip of John McAfee's life. I, for one, can't wait for the movie to come out. But first we need to know how it ends. And I cannot imagine it will end well.

How do you think the McAfee drama will play out? Pitch your screenplay treatments below or email me:

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