8 easy fixes Apple should make to iOS 6

The iPhone and iPad OS has several simple deficiencies that Apple really shouldn't let linger

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4. Bring the Weather, Stocks, Passbook, and Calculator apps to the iPad. Apple's iPhone includes several widget apps that can be helpful when on the go: Passbook, Weather, Calculator, and Stocks. You can set the iPhone so that when you pull down the notification tray, you see a visual weather forecast and/or your tracked stocks at the top. Sure, Siri on a third-gen or later iPad can tell you the weather if you ask, but the notification tray approach is even nicer. The iPad can't do this, because it doesn't have these four apps.

That's silly -- such tools are just as useful on an iPad (particularly a cellular iPad Mini) as on an iPhone, especially if you use an iPad on the road via cellular connection.

5. Bring back Notes syncing with Microsoft Exchange. iOS 6 dropped syncing between Notes and Exchange for text notes, leaving just iCloud and IMAP support, even while Exchange email, contacts, task, and calendar syncing remain. Bring it back.

6. Make Reminders compatible with the iPad and OS X versions. iOS 6 (like OS X Mountain Lion) added a neat feature that lets you set reminders based on location, such as when you leave the office or approach the school -- except for the iPad and iPod Touch versions. When you think to add a reminder and your iPad is handy, you get halfway into the process before realizing you need an iPhone or Mac to set that location criterion.

That's unreasonable on two accounts: One, cellular iPads are perfectly suited for location alerts in their own right, yet don't support them. Two, the whole point of iCloud syncing is to make it largely irrelevant what device you have at the moment, as your data and state flow across them -- but that vision requires the same functionality, or at least the settings for it, to be available on all.

While I'm at it, a nice enhancement to Reminders would be to couple location alerts with dates and times, such as to set a reminder to pick up eggs every Saturday as you approach the farmer's market. Right now, you can do location or date/time, not combine them.

7. Enable home screen rotation on the iPhone. It's frustrating to rotate an iPhone and not have the home screen rotate along with it, especially because most key Apple apps (Safari, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Photos, Music, and Videos) rotate. Of course the iPad's screen rotates. I get that it may not be desirable to move the icon dock to the bottom of the screen in horizontal orientation, but Apple could at least rotate the app icons themselves, so they read right when the iPhone is horizontal.

8. Bring swipe gestures for app switching to the iPhone, too. Speaking of something an iPad can do that an iPhone can't, why doesn't iOS 6 let you move through running apps using the multifinger horizontal swipe? Or the multifinger up swipe to open the multitasking dock? The iPad supports both; iOS 6 should as well.

That's my list! Let me know yours in the comments.

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