Stay ahead of the security curve -- and keep your job

It's tough to hit a fast-moving target. Check out these security resources and strategies to keep your security skills sharp

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In my opinion, the biggest paradigm shift has already happened: Our user profiles, programs, and data now move with us. We are no longer forced to sit at one computer to pick up our work email and mess with work data. Cloud computing and mobility enable us to see and use our data wherever we happen to be and using whatever computer device is at hand. That has huge repercussions for computer security.

Some of this is old hat and pretty obvious, but I still encounter computer security professionals who remain focused on traditional technology. That world has already changed. If you don't reinvent yourself, someone younger than you could easily end up being your boss.

I liked the advice that Dr. Eric Cole gave in last week's column: Make sure you have a decent understanding of all the basics and underlying infrastructure. If you have deficiencies, now is the best time to correct them. Check out the always excellent SANS Institute, which has excellent classes and tons of free downloadable whitepapers that serve as valuable resources.

I'm also a longtime fan of anything the Trusted Computing Group offers or does. The group is half a decade ahead of most computer security organizations in figuring out where the field is going, with hundreds of intelligent members who truly understand the discipline. The content the Trusted Computing Group produces is a must-read for any computer security pro.

Even if security isn't your chief concern, it pays to be fully engaged with what's happening -- the cloud, mobile, and the consumerization of IT are opening up new vulnerabilities as we speak. If you're already a security pro, then you understand that your second job is constant self-education. For those who can keep up, the opportunities will continue to grow.

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