From England to Ecuador: Assange's excellent adventure

Ecuador has granted asylum to WikiLeaks founder, but he has to get out of England first. Cringe hatches potential escape plans

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Some have suggested the Ecuadorians make Assange their representative to the United Nations, thus granting him diplomatic immunity. There's a bright idea. Because if there's one thing Assange is known for, it's his ability to avoid confrontations and defuse tense situations. (World War III will begin in three, two, one ...)

Naturally, I had a few thoughts as to how the Albino Aussie could make his escape:

Tunneling: Assange could dig his way to South America. It only took six years and $21 million billion to to build the chunnel between France and England. I'm sure Assange could make it to Ecuador for much less, though it might take him a little longer.

FedEx: When you absolutely, positively have to sneak a publicity-seeking pain in the Assange out of the country. Or he could simply be stuffed into a diplomatic pouch (apparently not an original idea).

Magic carpet: If he were in the Saudi embassy, this might be an option.

Impersonation: The Ecuadorians could sneak him out of the embassy disguised as Cate Blanchett. The downside? We'd have to watch Assange play Galadriel in all those "Hobbit" movies.

Mission Impossible: The MI team could rappel down into the embassy via helicopters and haul Assange out of there. Only problem is Tom Cruise would demand at least $20 million and above-the-credits billing.

Transporter: Beam me up, Scotty. And bring my pale egomaniac pal with me.

How would you spirit L'Assange out of England? Outline your wacky escape plans below or email me:

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