The price of success: VMware's big integration challenge

VMworld 2012 brought tons of new products and enhancements -- creating a huge integration challenge to work as promised

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Over the past eight years, EMC VMware has learned how to run a great show, and VMworld 2012 was no exception. Through a combination of luck and hard work, VMware finds itself parked at the crossroads of almost everything interesting that's happening today in IT: the gamut of virtualization, public/private cloud, and user experience management.

That's not to say VMware can sit pretty. With the imminent release of Microsoft's Windows Server 2012, VMware faces its stiffest competition yet in the server virtualization space. But outside competition isn't its biggest challenge. As Scott Davis, VMware's CTO for end-user computing, recently told me, "Nobody wants point solutions."

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He couldn't be more on the money. That's the big challenge for VMware: integrating all its technology pieces and helping IT do the same more broadly.

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