Ecuador or bust! Assange escape plans made easy

The WikiLeaks founder should feel free to take his pick of Cringeville's ideas for breaking out of England

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Cringester A. S., by contrast, offers a simpler scheme.

Julian should just walk out of Ecuador's London embassy with the air mattress under his arm and let the London police arrest him and extradite him to Sweden. Ecuador should them charge him with a crime (stealing of their air mattress) and have him extradited from Sweden.

That, he notes, solves the problem for everyone but the Ecuadorians, who are still stuck with Assange.

L. J., who calls himself the "keep it simple engineer," offers two extremely simple steps for slipping the Albino Aussie out of London:

  1. Lots of talcum powder.
  2. Wait for fog.

Other schemes suggested by my readers include pulling him into the Matrix, FTPing him to an Ecuadorian server, and using Dr. Who's TARDIS phone booth. Or he could simply stay on that air mattress until the world forgets about him. For Assange, though, I suspect that's likely a fate worse than death.

I'm taking wagers: Who thinks Assange will make it safely to Ecuador, and who thinks he'll be snatched up and tossed into a black hole at Gitmo? Place your bets below or email me:

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