Let's play the Windows 8 tablets name game

Phablets? Stablets? Fliplets? Windows 8 tablets gird against Apple onslaught with pens, snap-in keyboards, kitchen sink

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The fact that Microsoft and its partners are so touchy about letting journos touch their touchscreen products says that a) these RT tablets, snaplets, and fliplets are not quite as fully baked as Microsoft wants the world to think, and b) the Web publishing world desperately needs an irony font.

Let's face it. In an era of flat if not declining PC sales, hardware OEMs are looking for any foothold against the iProducts onslaught, which will only get worse once Apple unveils its new iPad Mini -- or whatever Tim Cook and company end up calling it -- later this fall. So they're grasping at anything that suggests a bit of flash or excitement, throwing it against the wall, and hoping it sticks.

And if they succeed? Then we'll have to call them sticklets.

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