When is an apple simply an apple? Never, says Apple

Apple irks fanboys, third parties alike with iPhone 5 Lightning dock and threats of lawsuits against anyone with apple-oriented logo

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I understand Apple has been preparing to sue God over the ownership of the fruit itself. Or maybe that's something I read once on the InterWebs.

You know what all of these logos have in common? Not the apple shape itself so much as the angled leaf at the top. Really, that's what the Fresh24 logo is: a circle with a leaf. For all we know, the mystery fruit could be a peach. (Maybe it'll end up getting sued by the folks who own Peachtree Accounting.) GreeNYC, that Canadian school of business, that porn channel down under? All with very leafy logos.

None of this matters to Apple because it apparently believes it invented these things and now owns them. Woz may be off on his own, enjoying his riches. Jobs may be on a higher plane. But Apple's legacy of doing whatever it wants to whomever it wants remains. Call it the Divine Right of Steves, if you want. Or maybe just a leaf of faith.

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