Amazon phones, Apple's glory, and the reincarnation of Steve Jobs

It's been a wild week for techies, with major new announcements from Apple, Amazon, and heaven, apparently

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However, the "iPhone 5" may be the least surprising ever, in part because it appears to be the leakiest iPhone ever, with alleged specs and photos floating around the InterWebs for months. The big news? The 5 is probably going to be longer than the iPhone 4. Also, I hear that in this version Siri will sound a lot more like Sofia Vergara, but I'm not sure I believe that.

Speaking of incarnations, it appears Steve Jobs will be among those watching the Apple event, though from a slightly more elevated position.

According to Phra Chaibul Dhammajayo, abbot at the Dhammakaya Temple just north of Bangkok, the late Apple co-founder has already been reincarnated and is now living in an invisible glass structure not unlike an Apple Store floating high above Cupertino. Per the Wall Street Journal:

[Chaibul] says that Mr. Jobs now enjoys sleeping on a floating hover-bed, and when he thinks of a piece of music he would like to hear, it automatically plays. If he is hungry, an aide quickly brings him a tasty treat.

"Everything is high-tech, beautiful, and simple, exactly the way he likes it, and he is filled with great excitement and amazement," Phra Chaibul says. In fact, the technology surrounding the reincarnated Mr. Jobs works so seamlessly that he has no reason to "bare his canine teeth" or otherwise exercise the hot temper for which he was known on earth.

The Journal reporter drolly adds: "Phra Chaibul's claims are impossible to corroborate." Ya think?

That is by far my favorite rumor of the week. How about you?

If there is a Jobsian afterlife, what do you think it would look like? Post your heavenly dreams below or email me:

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