The IT profession: A labor of love

Well, not exactly, but something keeps millions coming back for more despite the ridiculous hours and endless frustrations

Labor Day is a great opportunity for us to remember that whatever you may think of labor unions today, without their courageous efforts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we wouldn't have health benefits, safe working conditions, or a 40-hour workweek.

Oh, that last part -- fuggedaboutit.

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In response to "How's it going?" almost every IT pro I know, whether a developer, admin, consultant, or whatever responds, "It's crazy. You wouldn't believe..." Then I hear a litany of things that broke, boneheaded moves by know-nothing bosses, horrific vendor support tales, and so on. (If you enjoy a normal workweek, please let us know your secret in the comments below.)

In honor of Labor Day, here are some classics by InfoWorld contributors who toil in the trenches day after day. Some are bits of advice, advocacy, or workplace humor from the likes of InfoWorld's Paul Venezia, Matt Prigge, and Andrew Oliver; others are anonymous anecdotes from our Off the Record blog. Read and enjoy:

I hope you find this entertaining reading on your day off -- provided you have the day off. All the best from the InfoWorld crew.

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