Sex, lies, and Google Glass: Don't believe everything you read

Google is aiding and abetting a pornster, and Apple is fixing e-book prices -- but you'll have to dig deeper for the truth

Eeeek! Aaaak! Google Glass is turning into a movable feast of porn! Actually, it isn't. The funniest part of this week's XXX-rated anxiety attack: Only 17 of the more than 2,000 folks beta-testing Google Glass had downloaded the porn app that got people so worked up, says Jesse Adams, a spokesman for Mikandi, the megaporn marketplace that briefly hosted an app called, um, Tits and Glass.

Of course, Google Glass isn't even for sale, but it's such an irresistible target that the search giant is spending time knocking down rumor after rumor: Google Glass will be equipped with facial recognition -- privacy doomed! Uh, no. At least not yet. And even if it were built into Glass, facial recognition technology is still far from reliable on consumer-grade gear, making it next to impossible for anyone using it to identify a random person.

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Google isn't the only tech giant taking unfair shots this week. In a much less sensational and more nuanced turn of events, Apple is defending itself against the Department of Justice, which is taking time out from persecuting news organizations. The trust-busters at the DOJ are after Apple for allegedly fixing the price of e-books. Never mind that Apple's entry into the market whittled down's monopolistic slice of the e-book pie by about one-third, from 90 percent to a still hefty 60 percent.

I have real concerns about Google's serial invasions of user privacy and about some of Apple's actions in the marketplace, particularly its spiteful, anti-Android jihad. But neither company is guilty as charged in the tech press this week, and you are well advised to chill out. Maybe have a cocktail or two, or -- if it's all really getting to you -- ask your doc for a Xanax.

Google shuts the door on wearable porn

If you've followed Google for any length of time, you know that many of its products are works in progress, often pushed out the door in an unfinished state and labeled "beta," sometimes for years. After several conversations with both Mikandi and Google, it's clear to me that events moved faster than Google could manage.

There's been a lot of back and forth about who did what to whom, but here's what happened: Some product person at Mikandi came to the obvious conclusion that porn, always one of the Web's killer apps, would play very well on wearable displays.

Mikandi checked out Google's online developer policies and didn't see anything that explicitly banned explicit content, so the porn site went ahead and made an announcement about Tits and Glass last week. Here's where the course of events is a bit murky: Mikandi says Google revised the terms of use after it made its announcement. Google said it did so before. It doesn't matter which is true. The point is that Google had no intention of allowing Mikandi to move ahead with its plans and put a stop to it pretty quickly.

Mikandi then figured it could use Glass to make porn videos (talk about up close and personal), but Google has blocked the company's access to the API, Adams tells me.

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