Veeam announces Backup and Replication 7 for VMware, Microsoft environments

Version 7 adds built-in WAN acceleration, tape support, and SAN snapshots for HP storage arrays

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Long-term retention to tape
Tape support may not sound like a sexy new addition to Veeam's backup product, but many companies still use tape for long-term retention. It's a long-awaited customer-requested feature that addresses a huge gap for Veeam when competing against other traditional backup solutions such as CA, CommVault, HP, and Symantec. Without this feature, Veeam customers were often forced to keep another product on hand to assist with this functionality. Worst, not having this capability may have cost Veeam some of its larger deals.

Veeam's new native tape support will allow customers to move their data off of their disk repositories over to virtual tape libraries (VTLs), tape libraries, and stand-alone drives. But don't be confused -- Veeam is not supporting backing up virtual machines directly to tape. The backup will land on disk first, and once on disk, Veeam will pick it up and move it over to tape. Effectively, it will enable tiered levels of backup where long-term data can be archived and moved to cheaper storage.

Backup from storage snapshots
Veeam also announced support for backup from SAN snapshots. For now, the company is only offering support to offload snapshots to HP StoreServ (3PAR), StoreVirtual (LeftHand), and StoreVirtual VSA arrays. However, the company said it plans on supporting other arrays, but HP was the first to cooperate with Veeam in developing snapshot support.

This new feature is designed to reduce stress on virtual infrastructures by improving recovery point objectives (RPOs) and enabling IT administrators to make backups as often as they want, even with I/O intensive virtual machines. If you can do a backup from a SAN snapshot, you're not doing it from the production data store. That means minimal impact to the virtual machine or the virtual host server. Traditional enterprise backup tools have been doing this for years, but Veeam appears to be the first virtualization-based tool to offer this functionality.

This builds upon last year's release of Veeam Explore for SAN Snapshots, which enables VM recovery and individual items right from periodic SAN snapshots. It too focused on HP storage arrays.

Veeam has added an Enterprise Plus Edition (which includes the built-in WAN acceleration and storage snapshot backup features) to its existing free, Standard, and Enterprise Editions of Veeam Backup & Replication. Version 7 is expected to be available sometime in Q3 2013, priced at $750 per socket in North America for the Standard Edition, $1,250 per socket for the Enterprise edition, and $1,999 per socket for the Enterprise Plus edition. The company said it will continue to provide a free version that will be available for download on Veeam's website.

The company added it is offering a free upgrade to the Enterprise Plus Edition to existing Enterprise Edition customers and to those who purchase or upgrade to Enterprise Edition prior to July 1, 2013. These customers can upgrade for free to the Enterprise Plus Edition through Nov. 1, 2013.

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