Android and Windows coexist, commingle on Asus tablet-laptop hybrid

At Computex show in Taipei, Asus unveils Transformer Book Trio, which it claims is three computing devices in one

We've seen laptop-tablet hybrids before, but at the Computex show in Taipei, Asus took the concept one step further and showed off the Transformer Book Trio, a system that can be split into fully independent parts: a Windows PC based on an Intel Core i7 processor and an Android computer running on an Intel Atom chip.

The PC station is designed to plug into a monitor, while the Android-based tablet can be used like, well, a tablet. The twist is "notebook mode," which is what Asus calls putting the two pieces together to make one device. While in notebook mode, users can switch back and forth between the Windows and Android operating systems. Asus envisions Android used for entertainment purposes, while Windows is the choice for multitasking.

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