Assimilated and illogical, or how we really feel about LinkedIn and Windows 8

Also, how to resist the DRM borg and more 23rd-century wisdom, all from Captain Cringely's starlog

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Reader B. J. agrees:

You are dead nuts on that [LinkedIn's] value gets diminished every day. I'll admit to having a 1,000 or so connections of which I actually remember probably 200 of those and of those 200 maybe 50 or really 1st-degree connections. It will be interesting to see how the story plays out going forward.

"Dead nuts" is much closer to what most people say about me.

On the other hand, K. S. writes that LinkedIn has become the numero uno social network for his business.

We can't do business without Linked In anymore. In fact, for us, it has almost completely replaced Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Orkut, etc. for business-to-business contact maintenance, contact/prospective employee searching and general business communications. When we post and measure posts/ announcements across all media -- LinkedIn posts are the most read of all. It's really not close for our market (aerospace) -- the clickthrough rates are higher than from all other measurable media combined.

Clearly I am in the wrong field. Mom always wanted me to be an astronaut.

Damn the DRM, full speed ahead

I recently wrote about yet another digital rights management battle, this one taking place within the confines of the emerging HTML5 spec ("DRM sinks its fangs into HTML5, with help from Netflix, Google, and Microsoft"). At the end I asked, "Is DRM evil and, if so, how can we drive a stake through its heart"?

G. B. says the answer is to go full analog:

I buy printed books, own no e-reader, use torrents only to download Linux distros, use no Google products, sign up for no "free (media/doc) memberships" online, buy nothing with DRM unless I've got a cracker, have become more determined about such things over time, and suspect I'm not the only one with habits like these.

Perhaps. But he may be the only one who reads my blog -- or any blog for that matter.

Boldly gone

In my piece about Prenda Inc. ("Copyright trolls feel wrath of Khan, Klingons, Romulans, and Starfleet") I asked readers how they would handle these Ferengi-like attorneys. Trek fan T. W. responded thusly:

Set phasers on stun. Step 1: Stun them (ALL of them) once for every lawsuit the've foisted! Step 2: Re-set phaser to kill.

That works for me. Take her out of orbit, Mr. Sulu.

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