Today's malware attack has been brought to you by the RIAA

High-profile panel suggests major escalation in war on intellectual property thieves. Guess who's behind this lunacy

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Here, though, even the Commission backs away from this idea because "it is not supported by established legal precedents and norms" -- yet -- but calls for "new statutes to be considered." Congress, you now have your marching orders.

Big benefits for Big Pharma too

Just to give you an idea of where these guys are coming from: The report also recommends that the United States withhold funding for the UN's World Health Organization until it swears allegiance to IP protection -- that is, stop distributing cheap generic knockoff drugs instead of expensive brand-name medicants as a large gift to Big Pharma.

But the most chilling part of this report occurs on page four, when TCOTAIP recommends the following:

Designate the national security advisor as the principal policy coordinator for all actions on the protection of American IP. The theft of American IP poses enormous challenges to national security and the welfare of the nation. These challenges require the direct involvement of the president's principal advisor on national security issues to ensure that they receive the proper priority and the full engagement of the U.S. government.

If I am reading that passage correctly, it seems the Commission is calling for copyright, patent, and trademark enforcement -- and the pursuit and possible infection of alleged perps -- to fall under the purview of the NSA. Forget civil suits, forget ISPs as copyright cops; they want this to be handled by the spooks as a "national security issue."

Anybody else got a problem with that? If so, place your hands against the wall and spread 'em.

Is intellectual property theft really a national security issue? Weigh in below or email me:

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