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TLA 2013: Technology Creation/Enhancement

John Basso, CIO, Amadeus Consulting

John Basso, Amadeus Consulting

Most businesses gather large amounts of data -- time cards, product orders, sales, contracts, basic costs, and the normal accounting that takes place in every industry. With a little extra effort, this data can be used to provide much more detailed and insightful information that can inform company executives on strategic decisions and help them foresee potential challenges.

At .Net development shop Amadeus, Basso led the charge to build an internal business intelligence data and project management tool called Nexus Cube that pulls from multiple data sources such as, FogBugz, QuickBooks, and Chronos. The data is indexed into an easy-to-read format. Real-time updates are produced from SQL Server Analysis Services to run the Cube and SQL Server Integration Services to pull the data from other databases.

Instead of having one system that tracks employees' project time and another that tracks project progress, Nexus Cube brings these data sources together. It offers a multidimensional view of company data, enabling the business to make everything from macro-level decisions such as increasing the workforce, to micro-level input on items like employee time spent to date on a specific project to track the accuracy of project estimates versus actuals.

Nexus Cube also provides real-time data visualization that allows Amadeus Consulting's executives and development team to make immediate course corrections. For example, the company can monitor its budget and human resources to ensure it completes a project on time and on budget. Plus, Nexus Cube serves as a historic analysis tool to help the company bid appropriately and manage resources more effectively on future projects. Finally, its metrics are used in performance reviews that measure both the quantity and quality of individuals' work.

The Nexus Cube is unlike other internal data management and analysis tool because it slices data into multidimensional views. Thus, users can isolate specific pieces of information related to project operation and development. For example, if a cube is composed of sales figures, time, product categories, and region dimensions, the user can choose to view a dimension of the cube that shows sales figures filtered by number of product categories, time, and/or region.

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