The InfoWorld 2013 Technology Leadership Awards

Creativity and execution are hallmarks of great leadership, as these eight technologists proved in pushing their organizations in bold new directions

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TLA 2013: IT Management

Chris Whyde, quality assurance manager, Capital One

Chris Whyde, Capital One

In 2012, the group at credit card issuer Capital One focused on card partnerships identified internal quality-assurance-supporting IT practices that lacked sufficient discipline and maturity: test automation, regression testing, and functional alignment within QA. As QA manager, it fell to Whyde to address the issues, so he mobilized a team to address the concerns around cost control, quality, and maturity of the testing team.

He formulated a new automation framework whose hybrid nature could support automation of all 40-plus applications tied to the QA function, with a goal of 70 percent automated regression testing. Whyde also used industry standards in a risk-based analysis of its existing regression and fine-tuned the regression suites to cover 30 percent more functions with fewer resources required to test. He also delivered the automation several months before the deadline.

So far, the new automation framework saves the equivalent labor of four full-time staff, yet allows for more testing. Whyde expects the labor savings to grow further.

"Because of the scale of our organization and because our processes have been in place for so long, converting our organization to be more efficient and to use automation to support our QA processes was a significant task," Whyde notes. "In addition, to obtain ROI in Year 1 of an automation framework is rare in the industry."

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