VMware sells off Shavlik patch management to LANDesk

Virtualization giant to focus on three priorities: software-defined data center, hybrid cloud, and end-user computing

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The Shavlik product line includes solutions for centralized patch management and asset inventory for Windows and third-party applications for both virtual and physical machines; centralized antivirus, power management, and ITScripts; and the ability to leverage a single Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) workflow for deploying updates for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications and patches in a Windows environment.

Beginning immediately, LANDesk is saying good-bye to the VMware naming convention for the Protect line of products and is instead going back to the product's original roots by rebranding the technology with the Shavlik name: the Shavlik Protect portfolio. In doing so, VMware vCenter Protect Standard becomes Shavlik Protect Standard; VMware vCenter Protect Advanced becomes Shavlik Protect Advanced; VMware vCenter Protect Update Catalog becomes Shavlik SCUPDates; and VMware vCenter Protect Engine becomes Shavlik Patch SDK.

"It will become immediately apparent to Shavlik Protect customers that LANDesk is committed to their current investment in Shavlik Protect products, committed to how they do business, and committed to continued product evolution and innovation," said LANDesk CEO Stephen Daly.

Daly also stated the company would position the portfolio to grow its user-oriented IT management market presence, leveraging not only the new product line, but also making use of fresh sales channels, including online downloads.

LANDesk believes the Shavlik family of products maps well to its existing folder of Total User Management solutions. However, what the company really needed (and received) was a better way to hook its existing product lines into a VMware virtualization environment. With the code and expertise it gained through this acquisition, it stands to reason that other LANDesk products will ultimately benefit from this newfound virtualization enablement as well.

Much like the original acquisition of Shavlik by VMware, financial terms of the sale of VMware's assets to LANDesk were not disclosed. At the same time, LANDesk and VMware also signed a technology and services agreement that will add VMware to LANDesk's growing list of Alliance Partners, which currently includes such industry leaders as HP, Intel, and Lenovo.

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