Under the hood of Pivotal One, where cloud dev meets big data

Flush with cash from GE, startup Pivotal unveils ambitious PaaS offering aimed at fulfilling 'Internet of things' dream

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HAWQ is SQL-standards compliant, ACID compliant, and can connect to "most popular programming languages." It also supports ODBC and JDBC.

Other components of the Pivotal Data Fabric include:

  • Pivotal Data Computing Appliance, based on Greenplum technology, which is a multifunction analytics platform that supports structured and unstructured data analytics, plus ETL, BI, machine learning, and data visualization
  • Pivotal Chorus (also based on Greenplum tech), an analytic productivity platform built to let teams search, explore, visualize, and import data from anywhere in the organization
  • Pivotal Performance and Management, a real-time application monitoring component that provides a view of all database transactions
  • Pivotal Analytics, an end-to-end analytics platform
  • Pivotal GemFire, which provides elastic in-memory data management
  • Pivotal SQLFire, an in-memory distributed SQL database

Cloud Foundry: Portability-friendly PaaS
Cloud Foundry -- which VMWare unveiled back in 2011 -- is a core component to Pivotal One's Application and Cloud fabric layer. Billed as an open PaaS, Cloud Foundry is designed to provide organizations with a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services for building, testing, deploying, and scaling cloud apps.

The concept is that developers can create an application in their framework of choice. Through Cloud Foundry, that application could be connected with any number of application infrastructure services -- say, a cloud-based relational database or an in-house database -- and be exposed to users via any number of public or private clouds. Cloud Foundry also lets developers easily port their applications from cloud to cloud without having to change their coding.

Developers can choose from such frameworks as Spring for Java, Ruby for Rails and Sinatra, node.js, Grails, Scala on Lift, Python, and PHP. Supported applications services include RabbitMQ, Redis, and vFabric PostgreSQL from Pivotal, as well as MySQL, MongoDB, and others.

Other components in the application/cloud layer include:

The company claims Groupon, EMI, and Salesforce.com among its customers. How can a relatively new startup claim those customers, not to mention "two decades of experience?" Easy: Pivotal has 1,250 employees, mostly from earlier acquisitions by both EMC and VMware.

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