Oracle makes a quiet acquisition of cloud software startup Nimbula

The move addresses Oracle's cloud gap while also giving the company a seat at the OpenStack table

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Was this acquisition about Oracle pushing ahead to achieve compatibility with the Amazon cloud, AWS? Or is this a chance for Oracle to make sure rivals HP and IBM don't get too far ahead in the OpenStack race? With such little information seeing the light of day around this acquisition news, one has to wonder what Oracle really has in store for Nimbula.

"Oracle won't be able to make a proprietary cloud management play, but it will be able to make a solid product play to embrace OpenStack," writes RedMonk analyst James Governor.

Though Governor describes Nimbula's engineering team as talented, he still seems to question whether Nimbula was the right choice for Oracle if OpenStack is really the company's endgame.

Governor continues, "If Oracle was anxious to nail OpenStack, it might have made more sense to acquire, say, Piston Cloud," referring to the company founded back in 2011 by some of the original OpenStack creators from NASA and Rackspace.

In the end, until Oracle provides further details about its future intentions with Nimbula, one thing is for sure: Oracle will add some much-needed talent to its cloud development team. That is, as long as they can convince these people to stay on board.

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