Settle in -- the mobile patent wars are here to stay

Video: Companies have little to show for their mobile tech lawsuits, but don't expect them to slow down anytime soon

It seems as if not a month goes by without headlines about Company A suing Company B over a mobile patent or even mobile device design. But plaintiffs in these lawsuits rarely get judgments in their favor, Apple's aforementioned win over Samsung being the notable exception.

Don't expect these lawsuits to let up just because plaintiffs aren't netting big judgments in their favor. In fact, the final decrees are beside the point in some ways as patent trolling has become a legitimate business model, leading InfoWorld bloggers Simon Phipps and Bill Syder to declare respectively that patents are evil and must be destroyed in order to be saved.

Beyond that, companies have learned to use patent litigation as a business weapon, hoping to win an injunction against a rival to delay a product from coming to market and giving the litigant a head start. As this Wall Street Journal report points out, these tactics will be around for the foreseeable future -- we may as well get used to them.

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