VMware partners with Canonical to extend OpenStack cloud

Collaboration allows VMware vSphere hypervisor and network virtualization technology to deploy with Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure

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Martin Casado, founder of Nicira and now chief architect of networking at VMware, said VMware is committed to having its technology work with OpenStack, despite any perceived competition. In fact, Casado added, since the VMware acquisition of Nicira the company has almost doubled the number of developers working on OpenStack, it has broadened its efforts to integrate even more technology (such as VMware vSphere and VMware vShield Edge), it became one of the top 10 contributors of code to the Grizzly release, and it continues to participate in some of the largest and most sophisticated OpenStack deployments in the world.

Casado went on to state, "The rationale for VMware's involvement in OpenStack is simple. The transformation to the software-defined data center will take many forms, and VMware understands that many customers will want to piece together different technologies based on their requirements using open frameworks. Nicira was quite successful with this model, and VMware is committed to supporting that trajectory not just with networking, but with compute and management as well."

According to Canonical, the two companies also plan to collaborate on software testing, deployment automation, customer support, and reference designs. Beyond that, VMware also agreed to continue to support Ubuntu as a guest OS on vSphere, enabling customers to run production workloads across VMware's enterprise-class hypervisor platform.

This latest move seems to play well within VMware's renewed focus on getting back to basics. InfoWorld has reported that VMware's current strategy is to execute against three main priorities: the software-defined data center, the hybrid cloud, and end-user computing. This OpenStack announcement quickly follows VMware's sell off of the Shavlik patch management technology to LANDesk and the news of VMware's spinoff of a separate business unit dedicated to big data and the cloud.

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