5 pioneering paths for software development's new frontier

Forward-thinking dev shops mix methodologies, hire cross-functional coders -- beating old-guard shops to the hottest emerging app markets

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With so much software produced now aimed at a mobile or service-oriented market, development techniques are evolving to suit. Desktop programs that went for years between major revisions are being supplanted by mobile apps that are point-revved every few months or by services that are revved continually behind the scenes.

The demands those changes make are major, but they've also spurred numerous creative new solutions, including new use cases for traditional tools and the cloud as a development and testing platform, rather than just a software delivery mechanism.

The increasing speed of development (and developer feedback) means new technologies -- witness HTML5 -- are getting field-tested and absorbed into the mix more quickly, hastening the pace of relevancy.

As always, though, application development isn't about a particular paradigm, tool, or methodology -- it's about what works, here and now.

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