InfoWorld poll: How you'll replace Windows XP

Microsoft plans to pull the plug on Windows XP support and updates in May 2014, so users need to plan what's next

Microsoft is adamant it will stop support for Windows XP in May 2014, 12 years and nine months after its initial release. Despite its age, Windows XP remains the most used version of Windows today. Although XP will continue to run once Microsoft ends support, users won't receive security updates, and IT won't have Microsoft support for user systems. XP "downgrades" will no longer be available for new user PCs in the enterprise either.

The pressure will be high to switch. But to what? The newest Windows -- Windows 8 -- is unloved, turning out to be less popular than even the flop that was XP's initial replacement, Windows Vista. Windows 7 is still available, though Windows 7 PCs are hard to find if you're not an enterprise buyer.

For some buyers, the end of XP is an opportunity to leave all of Windows behind, in favor of Apple's OS X, one of the several desktop Linux versions, or even to an iPad or Android tablet in a full jump into the emerging post-PC world -- ditching the PC completely, similar to how an increasing number of people have abandoned traditional TV for Internet videos or landlines for cellphones.

Let us know what your intentions are, and check back to see what others are planning to do.

Note that you can vote only once and for only one operating system, so choose the OS for your primary device if you plan on using several types.

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