PayPal's 'rip and replace' of VMware for OpenStack much ado about nothing

Information remains spotty, but cloud war appears averted, as all involved companies downplay original story

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In the VMware blog post, Balkansky reiterates his company's commitment to supporting heterogeneous cloud environments, like the one at PayPal, which feature a range of products from multiple providers:

To serve our customers, VMware has made important decisions. We support heterogeneous cloud environments--this is the reality of most of our customers' environments, and they need to manage and automate this complexity quickly and efficiently. This means we engage across a rich ecosystem of vendors and open-source solutions to give our customers the choice and flexibility they need to empower their people and their organizations. To be clear, customers don't want their vendors at war, they want them focused on their success.

Is this original story really much ado about nothing?

It may come as little surprise that the original source on this story was Boris Renski, co-founder and executive vice president at Mirantis, the OpenStack consultancy company that worked with PayPal on this project. Renski also serves on the board of directors at the OpenStack Foundation, and he was very outspoken against VMware's participation in the OpenStack community and publicly expressed his concerns and skepticism about VMware's joining the foundation.

Business Insider updated its original article with a comment from the CEO of Mirantis, Adrian Ionel, who said that Renski was "exaggerating the use case" of OpenStack at PayPal and that Renski's "knowledge of the project is second hand and therefore limited."

Clearly, this story has taken a number of twists and turns in little more than a week. Only time will tell what PayPal and eBay's true intentions will be when it comes to the hybrid cloud, but one thing is clear: It is definitely too early to tell who will be declared the winner and loser in this new cloud era.

In the meantime, VMware has answered the heterogeneous cloud call by spending much of the last 12 months revamping its management portfolio. The virtualization giant has swallowed its pride and made moves to manage competing hypervisor platforms, and it has made acquisitions such as DynamicOps to handle provisioning and orchestration across a heterogeneous cloud infrastructure. It's also acquired Nicira to give the company a key technology in the network virtualization space and ownership of the lead code contributor to the OpenFlow and software-defined networking OpenStack project.

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