Straight from Tim Cook's brain, it's tomorrow's Apple headlines today

That is, if you believe all the blog talk about biometric iPhones, a 'Playboy' app, and the impending iWatch

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Show me the bunny

This one might actually be true, or it might just be a time-shifted April Fools' joke: According to multiple sources, Playboy has finally released a non-nude version of the magazine for the iPad. Heck, why not? Teenagers with smartphones now reveal more than any artfully airbrushed centerfold. At least the articles are still pretty good (yes, I actually read them).

Also: 86-year-old Hugh Hefner has announced plans to set a Guinness world record by legally marrying a woman one-sixth his age. Actually that is a time-shifted April Fools joke -- but one day it might not be.

Who's watch-watching the iWatch watchers?

Further off the grid, scuttlebutt is circulating that the upcoming iWatch -- artfully leaked by Apple to select news outlets in February -- may actually be a body/health monitor rather than just another gizmo that displays your texts and emails on your wrist.

What's funny is that the guy telling me this was wearing a Nike+ Fuel band, while I was wearing one of those Body Media armbands that counts my calorie burn. We geeked out together briefly about all the data these things collect about our everyday activities.

What I love about the Body Media device is that it records every one of my 16-ounce elbow curls. Also, climbing back up onto the bar stool after falling off counts as aerobic exercise. If an iWatch can do that, I'm all in.

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