Windows users are singing the 'Blues'

Leaked screenshots of next Windows build spark range of reactions, from predictions of Desktop's death to renewed focus on Windows 7

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PC World's Brad Chacos, meanwhile, was enthused enough about Microsoft's leaked OS to compile a list of its 10 coolest features, including those nifty tile sizes that so unimpressed Leonhard, as well as easier personalization, new gestures, and a fuller-featured SkyDrive.

Of course for the majority of Windows users, who haven't upgraded to Windows 8 and aren't familiar with its features, a list of improvements coming in "Blue" won't mean very much -- in which case InfoWorld's Enterprise Windows blogger, J. Peter Bruzzese, may well have the best take: "Focus on the one operating system that is ready and available to save us from the looming end of XP support: Windows 7!" Noting that he doesn't know anyone who's really waiting for the next tweak of Windows 8, Bruzzese says:

The traditional enterprise must either replace all its hardware with touchscreen devices and replace all personnel with 15-year-olds who are more comfortable with touch than mouse, or we can go with Windows 7, get 90 percent of the benefits of Windows 8 in terms of security enhancements and so forth over XP, and wait. Wait for what? Well, not "Blue," apparently. Perhaps for more turnover in hardware and a workforce more comfortable with gesture-based computing as Baby Boomers retire and Gens X, Y, and Z take over the workforce with their mad finger skills.

According to a report from The Verge, Microsoft will release an initial public preview of Windows "Blue" at its annual Build developer conference in late June. In the meantime, here's The Verge's video of a Windows "Blue" hands-on preview.

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