Paging Sheldon Cooper! iCloud censorship hits 'Big Bang Theory'

In the meantime, Cringely suggests a work-around for Apple's skittish filters, gives ISP cops and Chromebooks another look

Big news out of Palo Alto yesterday, as Facebook totally overhauled its News Feed, turning it into a kind of "personalized newspaper" with bigger photos and video that's -- oh, screw it. I am so completely bored by Facebook's 3,287th change to its interface I can't go any further. If you want to learn all about the new News Feed, please read one of the other 19,321 identical reports about it on the InterWebs.

Instead, I'm going to dive into the reader mailbag, where at least there's a bit more diversity.

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I'll start with this one from J. F., which might be my all-time favorite. He writes in response to my recent harangue about the sorry state of Web journalism, as it applied to the news "scoop" regarding my four-month-old story about Apple censoring email in the iCloud:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your words so needed to be said. Many will not get, and/or never read through to the part of your article about what is wrong with so-called Web journalism today. You're absolutely correct, and your tracing back the 5W's of your [barely legal teen] article should from this day forward serve as the pivotal moment in human history of when we became fully aware of what is wrong but also did little or nothing about it. What will our future look like when factual news, gossip and conjecture are indistinguishable from one another?

"Pivotal moment in human history" -- damn. I'd like to thank the Nobel Committee ...

On that same story, I heard from J. H. at Warner Bros Studio, production coordinator for "The Big Bang Theory." He writes:

I stumbled upon your article about emails with PDF script attachments disappearing with iCloud. We are experiencing the same issue on our TV show, however we're using Final Draft. Our script dept uses a Gmail account and several people on our staff & crew, including actors, use iCloud. Do you know if there was a work-around discovered, other than figuring out what phrase in the PDF content might be objectionable?

One thing that apparently worked for my original source, Steven G., was compressing the PDF using Apple's encrypted .dmg archive format. (Using Zip didn't work.) The attachment arrived intact with the phrase "[not Virus Scanned]" inserted inside the email subject line.

So that's now two examples of screenplay writers being nailed by Apple's prudish spam filter. Did Sheldon Cooper say something nasty about the iPhone? He definitely seems more of an Android guy.

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