Who pays for BYOD? Users do

When it comes to mobile devices, users put their own money where there mouth is, a Good survey shows

The good news: 76 percent of large businesses support BYOD (bring your own device) policies, and only 5 percent say they don't intend to allow BYOD at all, according to a survey of 98 large enterprises released today by Good Technology, which offers mobile management server software.

The bad news: Users pay most of the costs of having the freedom to bring their own. Half the companies surveyed make employees pay all the costs for the devices, including the data plans, even though they're used for work. A quarter provide a fixed stipend meant to reimburse the work usage portion of the employees' data plans, while only 7 percent pay the bulk of the expenses for the devices the employees bring.

Users pay the entire mobile bill at half of companies that allow BYOD

A note of caution: 40 percent of the survey respondents were in the financial services industry, so these figures disproportionately reflect that industry's specific BYOD reimbursement policies.

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