Team Twitter takes the title in Super Bowl XLVII

Beyonce, blackouts, and Baltimore be damned; the real super event yesterday happened on social media

It was really quite clever for the NFL to schedule games before and after Beyonce's concert last night. Gotta say, though, the first game was pretty boring, but the second one was a nail biter. Also, the 35-minute partial blackout tribute to the victims of Katrina was especially moving.

Well, that happened, and the 47th Super Bowl is now history. Best of all, you didn't need to watch any of it because there were so many people doing it for you while sharing every single moment online.

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I actually watched the Super Bowl last night, all 16 hours of it, including commercials and the unscheduled foray into partial darkness. I felt it was my patriotic duty as an American. Also, I was led to understand that Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Bar Raefeli and Kate Upton would be making appearances between huddles. And because 241 years of devoted multitasking now prevents me from just doing one thing at a time anymore, I followed along on Twitter, so I could know what my peeps were thinking every moment of the event.

Easily the ewwiest moment, as voted by the Twitterati: The Go Daddy ad featuring Bar Rafaeli sharing too much saliva, much too loudly, with a "software engineer" -- that is, the fat kid from the high school AV squad everyone hates. I have liked Go Daddy's racy/sophomoric Super Bowl ads in the past, but that one turned me over the edge, and I'm not alone. Here's one typical tweet:

Without a doubt the biggest, most offensive thing today was @godaddy's pathetic, classless marketing. Desperate trash. Switch hosts.

It wasn't just Twitter. A USA Today poll of viewers rated it the worst ad of the night, and that includes those obnoxious Bud Black Crown party ads with the douchey goth wannabe hipsters.

Remember, this is apparently what Go Daddy thinks of software engineers. Anyone out there in Cringeville find that grossly stereotypical if not outright insulting? Yeah, maybe, but you'd probably still happily step in for actor Jessie Heiman, who played the fat, ruddy-faced recipient of Ms. Rafaeli's bodily fluids. According to Adweek, the pair needed 45 takes to get it right.

The second ewwiest moment: During the blackout when a CBS cameraman apparently went out to hunt down some candles and left us with a lingering close-up of San Francisco 49er linebacker Aldon Smith's hinder.

When the most interesting thing that happens is the lights go out, that's not a good sign. Still, I think we all needed to cool down a bit after Beyonce's electrifying performance, which surely must have blown transformers all over New Orleans. It's a day later and I'm still hyperventilating. But I digress.

Buzzfeed, which exists purely for the purpose of creating amusing but meaningless "listicles," has the 29 best tweets about the blackout. My favorite:

This would have never happened if the Superdome had a gun.
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