VMware CTO Herrod leaves to join VC firm

Steve Herrod leaves big shoes to fill at VMware as he takes on opportunity as managing director with venture capital firm

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In the same blog post, Herrod discussed how virtualization has evolved over the last decade:

I am amazed by the changes our industry has undergone over the last decade. Virtualization has become the default technology upon which the majority of the world's server applications run. What's more, virtualization's impact is rapidly extending into storage, networking, security, and every other aspect of the modern datacenter. The resulting "software-defined datacenter" is clearly the architecture of the future, enabling the efficient private, public, and hybrid clouds that are becoming part of every company's IT strategy.

With changes at the CEO position recently, where former CEO Paul Maritz returned to EMC and former EMC executive Pat Gelsinger took the reins at VMware, the company seems to be focusing its energies once again on its core principles of servers and virtualization. That may not be the optimal place for Herrod to express his talents.

Herrod, as the former head of R&D at VMware, helped push the company forward with interesting technologies designed to help shake things up like SpringSource, Cloud Foundry, Horizon Suite, and the Zimbra collection. Now, he can position those talents within the VC community to continue to push the envelope and expand that vision into the next generation by supporting up-and-coming businesses.

"My primary focus will be finding, supporting, and developing great technical entrepreneurs as they build the products and companies that they've always dreamt of building," said Herrod. "These companies will bring the same tremendous energy, creativity, and innovation to these and other challenges, just as VMware has for so many years."

VMware hasn't named a successor yet. But a spokesperson said the company is looking at both internal and external candidates for a replacement. For now, it sounds as if Herrod will still be helping VMware out in some capacity, saying he will have an ongoing role as a technical adviser with the company.

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