Take InfoWorld's IT survey for fun and profit

Tell us your IT priorities and help guide what we cover -- and be eligible to win $500 in the bargain

Every year we invite InfoWorld readers to take our Navigating IT Survey, in which we ask you 20 questions to learn what's on your organization's list of priorities and, by association, what you'd like to see us cover. This year we've expended extra effort updating the survey to reflect the latest IT concerns and technology trends. And as a reward for your efforts, you'll be eligible to win a $500 cash prize -- not exactly a Lotto-sized kitty, but hey, your odds of winning are much better.

I'm curious about how the responses will add up in a number of areas. Note that the survey branches based on your responses to a initial questions, so no individual respondent will be served up more than five categories. Of course, how you answer has no effect on your likelihood of winning 500 bucks. 

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  • Big data solutions. Everyone's talking about the enormous potential of big data analytics. But how many of you actually plan to invest in the software, such as Hadoop or NoSQL databases and the developer resources they require? And for what purposes do you plan to use new tools first?
  • Cloud reality check. We're always curious about the progress of the cloud -- so apparently are many people, since "cloud computing" remains the most searched-for phrase on InfoWorld. In particular, I'll be fascinated to hear what proportion of respondents plan to adopt PaaS (platform as a service) or private cloud technologies (specialized software stacks offered by the likes of Citrix, Eucalyptus, Microsoft, OpenStack, and VMware).
  • Mobile progress. The actual percentage of respondents whose company has a BYOD policy in place will be fascinating to learn. But I'd also love to know the proportion of organizations that plan to develop their own mobile applications.
  • Virtualized everything. Server virtualization comes with the territory of most data centers. Software-defined networking is at a much earlier phase. How many organizations actually plan to invest in it?

I'm also looking forward to seeing the numbers on how many organizations plan to invest in social business products and why -- along with new technologies such as ultra-low-power servers, self-service provisioning, columnar databases, and more. It's always been InfoWorld's mission to assess the practical value of emerging technology. But the more we learn about what you're actually doing, the better we can focus our efforts and cover the topics important to you.

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