Attention! Apple's next miracle is right around the corner

Here come rumors of an iWatch, just when you thought Apple was tapped out of original ideas. Cringely smells an iRat

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Also, most Apple rumors don't usually start with bastions of mainstream reporting like the Times and the Journal -- more like DigiTimes or Boy Genius Report. This has "strategic leak" written all over it.

Which is not to say that the rumors of an iOS watch are wrong or even a bad idea. An iWatch makes a ton of sense, especially if it requires another iDevice nearby to do the heavy lifting: connecting to networks, downloading data, and transferring it to the watch via Bluetooth, yadda yadda. An iWatch would essentially be a display device for your iPhone or iPad, locking you even tighter into the Apple ecosystem. The day something like this works with a non-Apple-blessed device like, say, Google Goggles is the day you see me elected Pope.

So an iWatch is likely, eventually. People are even talking about iCars. (And after that, iMoonShuttles, iSpacestations, and iWarpDrives.) Somebody has to do it. It's a comforting notion that a company like Apple is going to create the future for us and make it all smooth and shiny and not, say, Microsoft. Nobody wants a future that needs to be rebooted every three days because its .ini files were corrupted.

This is where Apple is most comfortable and where most of us are too: smack dab at the intersection of hype and hope. That's the reason rumors like this one work. But to expect Apple to go on indefinitely churning out devices that look like they just came off the bridge of the Starship Enterprise is at best unrealistic and, at worst, foolish. Every dream must end.

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