BlackBerry Z10 review: The BlackBerry we've wanted is finally here

The old BlackBerry is dead and buried, and the new one is a worthy option in the modern smartphone world

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Why Microsoft should worry
Given the superior user experience and capabilities of iOS and Android, it's unlikely most users on those platforms would switch to BlackBerry willingly. But those who find iOS or Android too complex will find BlackBerry 10 to be simpler. And people who haven't chosen a platform should give BlackBerry 10 consideration before deciding. Even with its flaws, the BlackBerry 10 OS is better than Windows Phone 8, which is less capable and less refined. And BlackBerry 10 is more securable. Although imperfect, there's no question that BlackBerry 10 OS is a good mobile OS in its own right.

The combination of the BlackBerry faithful eagerly awaiting a modern BlackBerry OS (which the BlackBerry 10 OS certainly is), a portion of the people yet to commit to a smartphone platform, and the disgruntled Windows Phone 7.5 users who found out after the fact that their smartphones would never run Windows Phone 8 could be enough to double BlackBerry's current sales to 10 percent of the market -- and keep BlackBerry in business.

After all, the BlackBerry 10 OS matches Windows Phone's best feature (the People app), outclasses it in most other areas, and fits better into a security-conscious corporation than Windows Phone does. Additionally, the Z10 is a nice piece of hardware. It's the BlackBerry we've wanted for several years now. And it's finally here.

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