Seven of the biggest desktop virtualization stories in 2012

Desktop virtualization saw its fair share of acquisitions, eyebrow-raisers, licensing controversies, and new products in 2012

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6. Nvidia unveils virtualized GPU

With an eye on the evolving BYOD and VDI markets, Nvidia hoped to address the problem of running graphic-intensive applications on virtual desktops. The company unveiled its VGX platform, designed to virtualize server-side GPUs to deliver on those graphic-intensive applications and push multimedia content to any device. The announcement played into the company's broader vision of a GPU-accelerated cloud, where users can access high-end graphical applications and content anywhere in the cloud from any device.

The main idea behind the VGX platform is to enable power users and designers to be able to access their local desktop and all of their heavy-duty apps (3D graphic design, CAD, or medical imaging software) from within a thin client, tablet, or smartphone device without any performance hiccups.

7. Citrix XenDesktop reaches the cloud with Project Avalon

One of the more interesting announcements made during Citrix Synergy in May was the unveiling of Project Avalon. Desktop virtualization was one of the main themes at the event, and Citrix provided its take on how enterprises could best deal with the challenge of managing desktops and applications in a mobile-centric world.

Project Avalon would allow enterprises to run any Windows application or desktop in a public, private, or hybrid cloud. The desktop or client can then be delivered across any network, to any device. Citrix said the Project Avalon platform would run on an integration of XenDesktop and Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack. The combination would enable multitenant installations across multiple locations that could scale to a large number of users. You can see why this was a big theme at Citrix Synergy.

We saw plenty of interesting things happen in the desktop virtualization market in 2012. Will 2013 finally be the year that VDI breaks out?

Beyond these seven stories, what other desktop virtualization news items stood out in your mind in 2012?

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