HP aligns with SAP's in-memory aspirations

Hewlett-Packard announces Center of Excellence for in-memory computing with initial focus on HANA platform, SAP Business Suite

Piggybacking SAP's announcement that it is porting its Business Suite ERP to the HANA in-memory database, HP today revealed the launch of a CoE (Center for Excellence) for in-memory computing, an emerging technology that speeds app performance by holding data in RAM instead of reading it from disks. The CoE will initially focus on offerings for the HANA platform and SAP Business Suite. HP also aims to create its own in-memory platform, code-named "Project Kraken."

HP is among several IT heavyweights (Dell, Cisco, and IBM) -- not to mention dozens of startups -- throwing their support behind HANA, which SAP launched in 2010 and can tap data from both SAP and other sources. The technology has been fairly well received by early adopters, too, reporting noteworthy app-performance improvements, alongside new-product kinks and challenges.

"Through this CoE, SAP and HP will bring new products and technologies, integrating transactional and analytics systems, that enable customers to run their businesses in real time," said Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the SAP Executive Board, Technology and Innovation.

The CoE is built on HP Converged Infrastructure and includes an engineering lab for creating in-memory-optimized architectures and platforms, enterprise services, and an arm for improving business processes and prepping applications for SAP HANA. The CoE will also focus on configuring servers, storage, networking, and such for SAP HANA and the SAP Business Suite. Finally, it will offer application testing and development services for on-premises, hosted, and HP Converged Cloud deployments.

The first milestone of the CoE, per HP, is "Project Kraken," an 8-terabyte, single-image development platform tuned for the SAP ERP and SAP CRM apps. "This platform is the forerunner to the large memory systems scheduled for future availability," according to HP.

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