Windows 8 book authors dish on Windows 8

14 top-selling writers who dug deep into Windows offer a range of perspectives that show how controversial the new OS is

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Matthew Klein

Matthew Klein

Matthew Klein -- better known by his nom du Web "The How-To Geek" -- has an introductory Windows 8 book that's marked by its extensive illustrations and laid-back style. The "How-To Geek Guide to Windows 8," coauthored with Lowell Hedding, will be immediately familiar to anyone who's read Matt's detailed and spot-on accurate posts on the How-To Geek website. Currently available only in a Kindle edition, Matt has plans to release a paper version shortly.

His comments:

I've been using Windows 8 as my primary OS since it was released to manufacturers on Aug. 15, 2012. I've come to view it as an evolutionary release with a revolutionary interface slapped on top. The Start screen is functional yet awkward. It's in no way perfect nor complete -- and yes, it is a challenging transition. I believe we'll see some big changes to it by the time Microsoft rolls out the next version, and I'm pretty confident it will only get better.

From the standpoint of a geek, however, it is exciting to see Microsoft move from its comfort zone and branch out into new territory. And it's reassuring that from the desktop point of view, everything is in place and even better than before.

Finally, when it comes to performance and stability, Windows 8 is hands-down Microsoft's best Windows yet. Because I do 99 percent of my computer work on the desktop, the Start screen is a minor hiccup for me. At the end of the day, I love Window 8, warts and all.

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