Windows 8 book authors dish on Windows 8

14 top-selling writers who dug deep into Windows offer a range of perspectives that show how controversial the new OS is

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Jim Boyce

Jim Boyce

Jim Boyce works for Microsoft as a support practice manager in Microsoft's Premier Support organization. He's written dozens of books, most recently coauthoring the "Windows 8 Bible" with Rob Tidrow. Jim's a former MVP and contributing editor and columnist for Windows Magazine.

His comments:

I've been using Windows 8 as a daily, production OS since the first day of the Technical Preview. On a typical day I probably spend less than a minute on the Start screen -- the desktop is one click away, and that's where I spend my workday. Although many in the press have focused on the Start screen and how different it is from the Windows desktop, only a few have taken the time to look under the surface and understand the significant enhancements and new features like Windows to Go, Hyper-V client integration, security improvements, DirectAccess, cloud integration, and performance improvements Windows 8 builds on the already compelling Windows 7 story with a wide range of improvements for the enterprise.

But what's more compelling? What about a new tablet paradigm for the enterprise, where users can have that thin, sexy tablet that's as much at home on their office desk as it is on their coffee table? Best of all, that tablet runs all their Windows apps, including Office and their must-have, line-of-business apps. That is a compelling story and the reason why Windows 8 over time will win over even die-hard hold-outs in the enterprise.

What about consumers? Forget the hype about Windows 8's learning curve. Sure, it's different, but 10 minutes and some experimentation will have you well on your way to a soft landing in your comfort zone. Once you're there, start thinking about the seamless experience you can have across your desktop, tablet, smartphone, and Xbox. When it's time to stop surfing or reading and get back to work, you won't have to toss that tablet back on the coffee table to pick up a real PC -- your tablet is your real PC.

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