Free quick-start guides teach Office 2013 basics

Microsoft just unveiled a collection of mini-manuals with with tips and shortcuts to get you up and running with its new software suite

The other day I offered four reasons you don't need Microsoft Office 2013. However, if you fall into the camp that does need it, or you just decided not to follow my advice (it's been known to happen), Microsoft wants to help you get started using the new suite.

Specifically, the company just unveiled a collection of Office 2013 Quick Start Guides, printable sheets packed with tips, shortcuts, screenshots, and other useful suite stuff.

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There are nine guides in all, one each for Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word.

What's included? The Word guide, for example, starts with a big screenshot of the interface and callouts that highlight various important areas: file management, Ribbon tabs, view and zoom controls, and so on.

From there you'll learn "What's new on the Ribbon," how to sign into your Office account, where to locate various popular functions, and my personal favorite: "How to work with people who don't yet have Word 2013." (Very optimistic, Microsoft!)

The guides are provided in PDF format, so you can view them in your browser and/or print hard copies to keep desk-side. Needless to say, they're all free.

This is a great little resource for anyone making the move to Office 2013.

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