Microsoft needs your help to nail the Windows 8.1 update 0xc1900101 Blue Screens

Two weeks into a vexing bug, people trying to upgrade to Windows 8.1 are still reporting Blue Screens

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If those approaches don't work, you can try the manual method recommended by Smittychat, and ToddDickman, which involves running WSReset.exe.

Or try Raydun's refresh of Windows 8 using "custom install."

Some people say that re-installing Windows 8 from scratch cleared up the problem, but several people recommend that you not install any of the offered updates except KB2871389, which makes the Win81 upgrade visible in the Windows Store. My guess is that they took out an offending driver in the process -- but that's only a guess.

Still can't get Windows 8.1 installed? Do everybody a favor and drop by the main Microsoft Answers thread on the topic and post a polite gripe. Or even a mean gripe. Make sure you mention any weird hardware you might be using. And good luck.

By the way, if you encounter any other magical incantations that work -- chicken entrails most definitely included -- please post them as comments here.

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