Secunia PSI freezes with 'Stop running this script?' errors in Windows 8.1

Fortunately there's a relatively easy workaround for getting the security software functioning again

Many Windows boffins, present company most certainly included, recommend Secunia PSI for keeping track of the latest updates to Windows application programs. Unfortunately, the latest version -- Secunia PSI -- doesn't work with Windows 8.1. You should be able to solve the problem by installing an earlier version of PSI, although Secunia itself hasn't endorsed the fallback.

Symptoms of the problem vary. Some people report that if you install the latest PSI on a Windows 8.1 machine, the installer works fine, but the program won't start -- it hangs on the opening screen. Others report that if PSI is already installed when you upgraded to Windows 8.1, starting up PSI causes this error message:

Stop running this script?

A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive.

Whether you stop the script or not, PSI hangs.

While Secunia hasn't officially acknowledged the problem, the Secunia support forums are full of plaintive cries. Secunia doesn't claim Windows 8.1 compatibility, which is just as well.

The easy solution: Install the previous version, (Apparently version 8013 was released primarily to add Arabic language support; there's no outward difference between 7011 and 8013.) To install 7011, go to the Download 3K page for 7011 and run the installer. It will automatically remove version 8013 prior to installing 7011.

Surprisingly, Secunia doesn't seem to have an "official" download site for earlier versions. As of early Monday morning, there has been no confirmation of the problem -- much less a solution. Thus, running the version in Windows 8.1 isn't endorsed by Secunia, but judging by all indications I've seen, it works.

T/H M Brasseur

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