Today's special: Apoplectic over Apple, lax at LinkedIn, bearish on Ballmer

Hating on Apple? Too hard on LinkedIn? What's wrong with Ballmer? Everyone has an opinion

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Then there was Cringester M. M., who received LinkedIn emails from a relative who happened to be a mortician and ended up accidentally spamming his entire address book.

I wrote him back (since he's my husband's cousin) and ribbed him without mercy for trying to drum up "business" among friends and family.

But not everyone thinks LinkedIn is ethically dubious. E. R. says I went too far:

While your recent post made some good points, I think it was overkill. Consider your comments about the new endorsement feature. I only endorse people for things I know they are good at--I pass by many more than I actually endorse. I've also found that the endorsements I receive are for what I consider my strengths as well. While it's possible to endorse people for anything under the sun, my experience has been that this doesn't happen.

Proving that people can't get enough of the soon-to-be-ex CEO of Microsoft, even if they hate him, reader E. M. wrote this in response to my post "The Steve Ballmer farewell tour is officially under way":

The direction Ballmer took the company WAS different in some respects, chiefly by being even more shameless about squeezing every last possible dollar from the Microsoft user base. The progression of operating systems, which deliberately tries to obsolesce the best operating system Microsoft ever built (namely XP Pro), found dozens of ways to force users to buy more software units than they wanted to.

Ah Steve, we'll miss ya. Who will be left to kick around when you're gone?

What the world needs now

In "Meet Lavabit's founder: An American hero hiding in plain sight," I lamented that the world did not have more people like Ladar Levison, who chose to shut down his encrypted email business rather than comply with the overreaching demands of Our Uncle. On that one, agreement was pretty much unanimous. J. L. S. S. writes:

Hope that Time names him the Man of the Year. A true American hero. Others could claim the same for Snowden. We must make a stand against the unscrupulous and anti-American thugs of the NSA.

Yes, we must. And if any NSA officials are reading this (or snooping on my inbox), nothing personal -- I know you're trying to watch our backs; I'd just feel better if somebody was watching yours.

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