ANDROID swallows Google TV -- ANDREESSEN HOROWITZ swats 'fruit flies' -- Lawmakers target x-device tracking -- ZUCK stymies developers


October 11, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>> ENDANGERED SPECIES: The five year plan, by Horace Dediu: "Gartner reported that PC shipments totaled 80.3 million units in Q3. Subtracting an estimated 4.4 million Macs yields an estimated 75.9 million Windows PCs. This total is lower than the total [number of Windows PCs] shipped in the same period of 2008." Asymco

>>>> DATAVIZ: Windows PC sales versus PC + tablet sales Barry Ritholtz

>> WASHINGTON WAKES, WORRIES: A Senator raises privacy questions about cross-device tracking, by Claire Cain Miller: "A lawmaker has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate online ad companies that track consumers across devices, like showing them ads on their phones based on Web sites they visit on a computer.... The letter, sent on Thursday by Senator Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, to Edith Ramirez, the commission's chairwoman, cited a New York Times article that ran on Sunday detailing the new ways that mobile advertisers are tracking consumers, including across devices." NYTimes

>>>> Tech sector shrugs as shutdown drags on InfoWorld

>> THE OS OF EVERYTHING: Google to sunset Google TV brand as its smart TV platform merges with Android, by Janko Roettgers: "Google TV is dead, long live Android TV: Three years after launching the first generation of Google TV devices, Google is now looking to rid itself of the brand and realign its smart TV platform efforts more closely with Android. The move is part admission that Google TV failed, part hope that Android will eventually find its place in the living room." GigaOm

>> XP-IRED: How businesses can cope with the looming Windows XP deadline, by Ed Bott: "Six months and counting. That's how long you've got until Microsoft stops delivering security updates for Windows XP, leaving those machines vulnerable to outside attackers. Here are three strategies you can use to kick-start the migration process... Pull the (network) plug... Virtualize the problem apps... Ask for Help." ZDNet

>> OPEN VS. ORACLE: Percona challenges Oracle with alternate MySQL release, by Joab Jackson: "Percona continues to nip at Oracle's heels, releasing a free version of the open source MySQL 5.6 database with advanced features similar to ones in Oracle's paid enterprise edition. The newly released Percona Server 5.6 features scalability, availability, backup and security features similar to those found in Oracle's MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition, which Oracle makes available only to customers who purchase a support contract." InfoWorld

>> MISSION CONTROL: Apple iWatch is actually a home automation play, not a smartphone companion, by John Koetsier: "Apple is looking to create a device that will allow you to control your music, your temperature, your security, your lighting, your energy use, your entertainment, and potentially much more, says Cantor Fitzgerald's Brian White, who talked to Taiwanese and mainland China suppliers." VentureBeat

>> BUBBLE WATCH: VC deal activity hits highest mark since dot-com boom, by John Cook: "Venture capital deal activity continued to climb in the third quarter as a total of 857 companies raised money during the period -- up from 807 deals in the previous quarter and the biggest overall total since the dot-com boom year of 2001. Total dollars also increased modestly, though they are nowhere near the crazy sums invested in 2001." GeekWire

>> TOSSING COOKIES: Microsoft plans to drop cookies, embrace cross-device tracking tools, by Jeff John Roberts: "Microsoft plans to replaces 'cookies,' the long time method for online firms to gain data about users, in favor of new technology that will allow it to identify people as they move from device to device in an increasingly mobile world... Microsoft reportedly plans to rely instead on device-based permission systems, which would let it identify when the same user is present on a variety of platforms -- for instance, the company could follow a person on Internet Explorer, X-Box and Windows Phone in order to serve them the same ad on each." GigaOM

>>>> Big sites covertly track browsers by their fingerprints Slashdot

>> CANARY IN A COALMINE: Weary of 'fruit fly' consumer startups, Andreessen Horowitz raises Series A bar, by Yuliya Chernova: "The pivot culture of Silicon Valley has been seen as a strength--entrepreneurs should take risks and not be afraid of quickly shifting to a more promising idea, the thinking goes--but for Andreessen Horowitz, it can make for unappealing investments in some cases. Many consumer companies are 'like fruit fly experiments,' Mr. Weiss said." WSJ

>> F U MONEY: Zuckerberg buys four houses near his Palo Alto home, by Brandon Baily: "Zuckerberg paid top dollar -- more than $30 million in total -- for the four residential properties located next door and behind his own home. But he has no plans to build a Taj Mahal on the land, according to a person with knowledge of the transactions, who said Zuckerberg is leasing the existing homes back to the families that live there.... The 29-year-old multibillionaire acted after he learned of a developer's plan to buy one of the properties next door to the Facebook co-founder, said the source. 'The developer was going to build a huge house and market the property as being next door to Mark Zuckerberg.'" San Jose Mercury News

>> CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS: Nordstrom finds cash register skimmers, by Brian Krebs: "Scam artists who deploy credit and debit card skimmers most often target ATMs, yet thieves can also use inexpensive, store-bought skimming devices to compromise modern-day cash registers. Just this past weekend, for instance, department store chain Nordstrom said it found a half-dozen of these skimmers affixed to registers at a store in Florida." Krebs on Security

>> COMING ATTRACTIONS: Aereo for Android launches on October 22, by Jordan Crook: "Android users, how would you like 30 live TV channels to be available on your phone or tablet at any given time or place? If that sounds like you, then happy Thursday." TechCrunch

>> ESCAPE VELOCITY: Internet ad revenues at $20.1B hit historic high for half-year 2013, up 18% over same time in 2012. "Mobile ad revenue climbs 145% and digital video rises 24% year-over-year" IAB

>> GoDaddy pulls Lavabit's security creds because the FBI got ahold of its encryption keys Forbes

>> Some ads beside Bing search results are redirecting to malware The Next Web

>> Microsoft updates its Android app with server-side search, vacation replies Engadget

>> Hacking websites with SQL injection Computerphile (via YouTube)

>> Scientists organize mass Wikipedia edit in honor of Ada Lovelace Day The Mary Sue

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>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "Only at Twitter will I lunch on an oyster, lamb chop, scallop & brownie and then worry that maybe I didn't get enough to eat." @birdfeeder

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