Introducing InfoWorld's TechBrief newsletter

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It's easy to get a rough idea of what's happening in tech. Ballmer is leaving! A new iPhone is coming! But finding the best reporting and analysis for every significant tech news event day after day is tough, especially first thing in the morning.

At InfoWorld, we're doing the hard work for you with our new TechBrief newsletter. Before most people are out of bed, we scan hundreds of sources of tech news and analysis, pluck excerpts from the best articles, and roll them all into a single email containing a couple of dozen items. Just read InfoWorld TechBrief from end to end and you're ready for the day.

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It's a simple, old-fashioned idea: a daily executive briefing to consume over coffee. But the secret of TechBrief is in the sharp selection of stories, informed by InfoWorld's real-world understanding of what's important in tech and which sources are worth reading. Along with the banner news of the day, TechBrief features items others overlook: new technologies, investment deals, geek thrills, executive changes, and even a tweet of the day. Throw in some snappy commentary, and TechBrief makes for a fun, informative read.

The idea for TechBrief comes courtesy of Trent Gegax, former Newsweek correspondent turned startup investor, who grasped the power of combining an email news summary with InfoWorld's technical credibility and industry savvy. InfoWorld contributor Woody Leonhard, one of our most popular and valued writers, has thrown in his talents with Trent's to yield a product we hope you'll find irresistible.

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