Shareholders turn on GATES -- Universal Rx rush crushes servers -- Fake VC dupes ANGELLIST -- SAMSUNG dupes benchmarkers -- more BUBBLE signs


October 2, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>> REDMOND CONCLAVE: Time for Gates to go, some top Microsoft investors tell board, by Nadia Damouni and Bill Rigby: "Three of the top 20 investors in Microsoft Corp are lobbying the board to press for Bill Gates to step down as chairman... this appears to be the first time that major shareholders are taking aim at Gates, who remains one of the most respected and influential figures in technology... the three investors... collectively hold more than 5 percent of the company's stock... Gates owns about 4.5 percent." Reuters

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>>>> Rethinking Ray Ozzie 'Someone needs to say it: Ozzie was right' Paul Thurrott

>> UNIVERSAL RX WITH DOSE OF #FAIL: Obamacare websites worked great, with a few small exceptions. And a bunch of big exceptions, by Will Oremus: "Most of the states did manage to get some semblance of an online system up and running by the end of the day. But not before almost every single state ran into glitches, problems, delays, or confusions of one sort or another. In short, for a lot of people trying to apply for healthcare coverage on Tuesday, the experience was the cyberspace equivalent of a bad trip to the DMV." Slate

>> DATAVIZ: These charts show Comcast acting more and more like a monopolist, by Timothy B. Lee: "The charts show that Comcast's service really has been getting faster. But there's a striking pattern to Comcast's upgrades: while every tier of Comcast service is faster than it was a decade ago, the rate of progress has been dramatically higher for customers who pay the most... In other words, Comcast has been rapidly improving its network, but those improvements largely haven't trickled down to the service tier most customers subscribe to." WaPo

>> FORECASTING CLOUDS: Splunk dives deeper into business analytics, by Joab Jackson: "Splunk continues to enhance its flagship machine data search engine so it can be used by business analysts and managers, in addition to its typical audience of system and network administrators. The newly released Splunks Enterprise 6 includes new capabilities to easily visualize data, as well as a framework to build Web applications based on Splunk data." InfoWorld

>>>> Splunk announces enterprise services on AWS cloud InfoWorld

>> SCREEN TIME: Apple hires veteran cable TV exec to engineer 'something big,' by Vlad Savov: "Apple has a new Engineering Director in its ranks, whose CV suggests the California company might finally be ready to start taking the TV as something more than a hobby. Jean-Francois Mulé joins Apple from CableLabs, where he was Senior Vice President of Technology Development and also founded and staffed the company's Bay Area office. With expertise in IP voice and video, TV apps, and "over 15 years of experience solving problems," Mulé looks set for a leadership role in Apple's TV division." The Verge

>> SHOT: Apple now holds 10% of all corporate cash, by Emily Chasan: "Apple Inc.'s $147 billion cash hoard now counts for nearly 10% of all corporate cash held by nonfinancial companies.... The companies with the five largest cash holdings - Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cisco Systems and Pfizer - held more than one quarter of the cash... Cash stockpiles have grown by about 2% from $1.45 trillion at the end of last year, and up 81% from $820 billion at the end of 2006." WSJ (paywalled)

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>> INMATES RUN ASYLUM: Quantopian raises $6.7M Series A to enable 'new era of investment,' by Kyle Alspach: "Quantopian says it allows "anyone with a mind for finance" to develop algorithms that could be used to make automated stock trades. It's something that only a small number of quantitative finance specialists, or "quants," have been able to do previously, CEO and co-founder John Fawcett said." Boston Business Journal

>> ADULT SUPERVISION: Google's new concessions on European search will put rivals' logos into results, by Ian Traynor, Charles Arthur: "Europe's antitrust commissioner signalled on Tuesday that he will seek a settlement with Google over the search engine's business practices rather than pursuing it through the courts over alleged abuse of its dominant market position. Under commitments offered by Google, specialist search sites that offer rival services - such as Streetmap for mapping or Foundem for shopping - will appear in Google search results pages with their logo and explanatory text. Their position on an internet user's results page will be chosen by an auction system." The Guardian

>> BUBBLE WATCH: Kevin Rose is AngelList's million-dollar man, by Liz Gannes: "Rose is the current leading man on AngelList, where 245 people have committed to put their own money into any of the deals he does. He told them he expects five seed investments per year... Rose has collected those commitments in just one week, since AngelList launched a feature that allows backers to put their money behind small investors as part of its investing syndicate product." AllThingsD

>>>> Sam Biddle: It was scary easy for me to fake being a VC ValleyWag

>>>> "152 companies have gone public this year -- on pace for busiest year since 2007" @carlquintanilla >> ALL JUICED UP: Samsung Note 3's benchmarking 'adjustments' inflate scores by up to 20%, by Ron Amadeo: "Samsung appears to be artificially boosting the US Note 3's benchmark scores with a special, high-power CPU mode that kicks in when the device runs a large number of popular benchmarking apps. Samsung did something similar with the international Galaxy S 4's GPU, but this is the first time we've seen the boost on a US device. We also found a way to disable this special CPU mode, so for the first time we can see just how much Samsung's benchmark optimizations affect benchmark scores." Ars Technica

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>>>> Galaxy Note 3 review: Even more features packed into a (slightly) bigger body TechHive >> FLICKERING: My simple Kindle Fire HDX review: What's to like and not to like, by Om Malik: "The Kindle Fire HDX isn't going to be my primary tablet. I am going to stick with iPad Mini -- it feels lighter, it has a better ecosystem of applications (that make sense to me) and more importantly, I find it easier to use for emails and lightweight document creation in addition to some photo editing. And if Apple does introduce a higher-end retina display version, even better. That said, I am actively and seriously considering making the $229 16 GB version of Kindle Fire HDX as my auxiliary tablet and ebook reader." GigaOM

>>>> The Kindle Fire HDX is the Amazon-centric tablet finally done right Time

>> KNOWLEDGE BOMB: Public release of IE exploit could spark widespread attacks, by Lucian Constantin: "An exploit for a vulnerability that affects all versions of Internet Explorer and has yet to be patched by Microsoft has been integrated into the open-source Metasploit penetration testing tool, a move that might spur an increasing number of attacks targeting the flaw. The vulnerability is known as CVE-2013-3893 and was announced by Microsoft on Sept. 17 after the company became aware of its use in targeted attacks. The company released a temporary 'Fix It' tool that customers can download and install to address the flaw, but no permanent patch has been released through Windows Update." PC World

>> CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS: Fort Disco malware is now targeting email and FTP servers, by Lucian Constantin: "A piece of malware designed to launch brute-force password guessing attacks against websites built with popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla has started being used to also attack email and FTP servers." InfoWorld

>> Who are software developers? "Ten years of surveys show an influx of younger developers, more women, and personality profiles at odds with traditional stereotypes." Dr. Dobb's

>> Michael Dell, Silver Lake get the green light from regulators on $24.9B plan to take Dell private TechCrunch

>> WaPo closes sale to Jeff Bezos WaPo

>> Website builder Wix files for $100M IPO Forbes

>> AppScale 1.11.0 released AppScale blog

>> FreedomPop launches its smartphone VoIP service, giving away 200 minutes each month GigaOM

>> iMessage issues? Apple says fix available in upcoming update 9to5Mac

>> Google launches public beta of Web Designer, a free design tool for creating HTML5 ads and campaigns TNW

>> Hulu Plus now works with Chromecast Google blog

>> What's behind the iPad hack at Los Angeles high schools? CIO

>> HP may offer an OpenStack distribution of its own GigaOM

>> Malwarebytes launches Techbench portable USB drive to help computer technicians fix malware-crippled machines Malwarebytes

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